Power to the People (PTTP) was conceived out of the desire to create a revolution on an individual level; standing up for what makes you, you.The revolution’s mission is to elevate and celebrate the similarities that unify us!

So I invite you the innovator, game changer, trailblazer, dreamer, educator, powerbroker, solider, rainmaker, trendsetter, pioneer, mastermind, groundbreaker, champion, leader, explorer, rebel, motivator, originator, warrior, go-getter, avant-garde,advocate, pathfinder, boat- rocker, thought provoker, ride or die, head lifter, activist, progressive thinker, mover and shaker, fighter, visionary, idealist, defender, noble, revolutionist, frontrunner and survivor—to the movement.

Latin: Una stamus, surgemus una.
Translation: Together we stand, together we rise.

Power To The People